The IV International Conference on ENSO will be organized in 6 plenary sessions, related poster sessions and an International Exhibition. The specialized sessions will emphasize the following topics:

Keynote and invited Speakers for the ENSO conference
Session Session Title
1: ENSO observations,
including analysis of recent events
Michael McPhaden The 2015-16 El Niño and Climate Change
Kim Cobb Advances in paleo-ENSO: A past to future perspective
Magdalena Balmaseda ENSO complexity: A monitoring and forecasting perspective
Shineng Hu El Niño diversity, cross-equatorial winds, and the intertropical convergence zone
2: ENSO dynamics Ken Takahashi El Niño in the far-eastern Pacific: Concepts, impacts and dynamics
Shayne McGregor Understanding the Warm Water Volume precursor of ENSO events and its relationship with event predictability
Christina Karamperidou A hierarchy of models for ENSO diversity in past, present and future
Sulian Thual A stochastic skeleton model for the MJO and ENSO
3: ENSO and other modes of climate
variability (intraseasonal, decadal,
Matthieu Lengaigne The role of intraseasonal variability in ENSO
Antonietta Capotondi Decadal Variability of ENSO
Scott Power The impact of global warming on ENSO is clearer now than ever before
Yuko Okumura Decadal modulation of ENSO and the linkage to tropical Pacific decadal variability
Aaron Levine Atlantic Impacts on Multi-decadal ENSO diversity and Amplitude Variability
Martin Puy Knowledge of glacial ENSO could inform of changes in extreme El Niño frequency in the future
4: ENSO modeling and prediction Andrew Wittenberg ENSO in climate models: Progress and opportunities
Eric Guilyardi Understanding ENSO processes in climate models: The role of the atmosphere
Michelle L'Heureux A Bird's Eye View of Operational ENSO Prediction: Methods, Challenges, and Paths Forward
Sarah Larson Does the equatorial recharge/discharge increase ENSO predictability?
5: ENSO impacts and Regional
Boris Dewitte Air-sea interactions off Peru and Ecuador and the development of Eastern Pacific El Nino events
Jose Marengo Socio-climatic impacts of El Nino in Tropical South America East of the Andes
Samantha Stevenson Extreme El Nino events and 21st century climate change
6: Climate information and
sustainable development, and the
future of climate and ocean science
Rodney Martinez Keeping climate science fundable: Challenges and opportunities of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Jose Santos Towards an ENSO Early Warning System in Ecuador: Lessons learned


I ENSO observations, including analysis of recent events.
II ENSO dynamics
III ENSO and other modes of climate variability (intraseasonal, decadal, centennial)
IV ENSO modeling and prediction
V ENSO impacts and Regional processes
IV Climate Information and sustainable development and future of climate and ocean science.
Poster sessions will be organized corresponding to each plenary session.