The IV International Conference on ENSO will be organized in 6 plenary sessions, related poster sessions and an International Exhibition. The specialized sessions will emphasize the following topics:

Keynote and invited Speakers for the ENSO conference
Session Session Title
1: ENSO observations,
including analysis of recent events
Michael McPhaden The 2015-16 El Niño and Climate Change
Kim Cobb Advances in paleo-ENSO: A past to future perspective
Magdalena Balmaseda ENSO complexity: A monitoring and forecasting perspective
Shineng Hu El Niño diversity, cross-equatorial winds, and the intertropical convergence zone
2: ENSO dynamics Ken Takahashi El Niño in the far-eastern Pacific: Concepts, impacts and dynamics
Shayne McGregor Understanding the Warm Water Volume precursor of ENSO events and its relationship with event predictability
Christina Karamperidou A hierarchy of models for ENSO diversity in past, present and future
Sulian Thual A stochastic skeleton model for the MJO and ENSO
3: ENSO and other modes of climate
variability (intraseasonal, decadal,
Matthieu Lengaigne The role of intraseasonal variability in ENSO
Antonietta Capotondi Decadal Variability of ENSO
Scott Power Externally-forced changes in ENSO activity – past and future
Yuko Okumura Decadal modulation of ENSO and the linkage to tropical Pacific decadal variability
Aaron Levine Atlantic Impacts on Multi-decadal ENSO diversity and Amplitude Variability
Martin Puy Knowledge of glacial ENSO could inform of changes in extreme El Niño frequency in the future
4: ENSO modeling and prediction Andrew Wittenberg ENSO in climate models: Progress and opportunities
Eric Guilyardi Understanding ENSO processes in climate models: The role of the atmosphere
Michelle L'Heureux A Bird's Eye View of Operational ENSO Prediction: Methods, Challenges, and Paths Forward
Sarah Larson Does the equatorial recharge/discharge increase ENSO predictability?
5: ENSO impacts and Regional
Boris Dewitte Air-sea interactions off Peru and Ecuador and the development of Eastern Pacific El Nino events
Jose Marengo Socio-climatic impacts of El Nino in Tropical South America East of the Andes
Samantha Stevenson Extreme El Nino events and 21st century climate change
6: Climate information and
sustainable development, and the
future of climate and ocean science
Rodney Martinez Keeping climate science fundable: Challenges and opportunities of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Jose Santos Towards an ENSO Early Warning System in Ecuador: Lessons learned


I ENSO observations, including analysis of recent events.
II ENSO dynamics
III ENSO and other modes of climate variability (intraseasonal, decadal, centennial)
IV ENSO modeling and prediction
V ENSO impacts and Regional processes
IV Climate Information and sustainable development and future of climate and ocean science.
Poster sessions will be organized corresponding to each plenary session.