Wenju Cai

Professor Wenju Cai

Research Director - Earth System Assessment
Oceans and Atmosphere
107-121 Station Street
Aspendale Vic 3195

A Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO and CSIRO Office of Chief Executive Science Leader, specializes in research into global climate variability and change. With over 20 years of research and leadership experience, his interest spans from dynamics of modes of climate variability (such as El Niño-Southern Oscillation, the Indian Ocean Dipole) and their mechanisms, to climate detection and attribution, through to impacts of individual forcing factors of increasing carbon dioxide, increasing anthropogenic aerosols, and stratospheric ozone depletion. His service to science communities includes a contributing author to IPCC AR4 and AR5 reports, co-Chair of World Climate Research Programme CLIVAR Pacific Panel during 2009 – 2015, and Director of CSIRO Earth System Assessment programme (2013-2016).
He is also the distinguished professor of POL by Ocean University of China in February 2012.