Enso Climate Services

The CLIMATE SERVICES stage is a special venue where selected ENSO Conference participants are allowed (10-15) minutes to present a climate services related topic, project or initiative. Its aim is to widen the array of topics that are discussed at the Conference beyond those that are presented in the main specialized sessions.

The CLIMATE SERVICES stage will be presented all the days of the Conference between 12h30-14h00 in a special location in the exhibition room. All the presentations will be recorded and posted in a special site for wider dissemination. The topics for each day are:

Day 1 (12h30-14h00): Climate services for agriculture, food security, health and water.
Day 2 (12h30-14h00): Climate services for risk management and adaptation
Day 3 (12h30-14h00): Climate services for decision makers and authorities

Additionally, the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION “CLIMATE & SOCIETY” will be organized to allow different Weather & Climate centers, science and technology institutions, the private sector, environmental NGOs and agencies to promote their activities, products and services.